Sometimes, birthdays suck.


Alright – I will admit that this sounds awfully pessimistic from the get go, but this is my blog and I’m releasing all the crap from the year that was 2016. And it’s cathartic! So let me finish my ‘birthdays suck’ rant in peace and go on your way.

Now of course not all birthdays suck, and not every single of the hour sucks on the actual day either. It’s just the whole concept of ‘Am I having a good time yet?’ that I can’t stand. We spend a good week or 2 leading up to the day thinking about getting older, wondering who we should spend our day with, what friends will be free, who will write on our wall, how many phone calls we will have to answer … blah blah. Then the day arrives, low and behold you wake up feeling tired and shitty because you didn’t get much sleep, but you made breakfast plans, coffee plans, probably lunch and dinner plans too. So you have to choose a (cute) outfit, put a smile on and pretend you’re the most joyful person to inhabit the earth. IT’S EXHAUSTING.

I realise I sound like an ungrateful 20-something right now, but hear me out! Obviously I appreciate (and love) getting presents and calls from loved ones, I just wish there wasn’t so much pressure to have a fantastic day and be Happy as Larry. Who the hell was Larry anyway? I’d like to know his secret. SOMETIMES, you just happen to feel like crap or be in a crap mood on your birthday, and I think we should all strive to acknowledge that that’s okay. After all, it’s meant to be our day isn’t it? So this year, no matter how I wake up feeling, I am going to ride the waves and just be myself. That’s probably the best present that we can give ourselves, and who knows – we might actually enjoy it.


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes, birthdays suck.

  1. i fellow blogger wrote a post called “why need a valentine?” you might enjoy my reply with regards to birthdays (the unbirthday song was part of that reply as well):

    i gave up holidays last year, and it really wasnt so bad. i did it for practical and philosophical reasons, not religious ones.

    giving up on holidays is not the same as giving up celebrating. you can celebrate anything special at any time you want (it doesnt have to be very special) not just the 45th day of the year (also known as “valentines day.”)

    so the difference for me, between celebrating holidays and not, is i make my own rules about it.

    yes, the major advantage of holidays is “everyone else is doing it that day already.” thats also the disadvantage. i do however, wish you a happy and wonderful 45th day of the year– whatever you choose to celebrate. and today, a happy 38th day of the year to you– for no particular reason 🙂

    also a good one:

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