Green with envy – the pitfalls of jealousy.


I’ve fallen into the trap of social media envy lately – that ridiculous self-imposed jealousy you feel when endlessly scrolling through happy snaps of people travelling and living (seemingly) fabulous lives. And even though we all know the version of people portrayed on social media isn’t real, there’s some part of us that still feels down when we see images of gloriously tanned people, sipping on cocktails by the beach in exotic destinations. So why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we even bother looking on social media sites when we know, more times than not, they leave us feeling like our own little bubbles somehow aren’t as wonderful or glamorous as others?

For me, I think I’m personally suffering from some mild seasonal depression as well. Winter in Australia is officially upon us which means no bikinis, no little sundresses, and no swimming (unless you’re really adventurous, or just drunk). Life in summer is what makes my soul sing… give me sweat, sand and sunshine every day over snotty noses and socks. So as I sit here in ugg boots with a eucalyptus oil diffuser cleansing the air, I can’t help but feel a little envious of those basking in summer on the other side of the world. I’ve recently been bombarded with images of friends in far off places like Mexico and Cuba, looking like they’re having the time of their lives. Meanwhile I’m stuck here in a small town, with less friends that I can count on one hand, working in a pretty mundane job.

But I’ll stop myself right there and metaphorically slap myself on the face, because in actual fact – I’m setting myself up for a wonderful future. I’ve returned home for a ‘gap year’ of my own choice, and in 4 months I’ve managed to save $7,000.00 in a casual job which is something I should be really proud of. I’ve (slowly) recovered from some debilitating anxiety issues, and while I know there’s still a long road ahead in this regard I’m fully committed and positive it’s something I can now manage. And lastly, I’m going to Bali in a few weeks for a holiday with my beautiful friends, where I’ll be doing the exact same thing – creating social media envy for others. And while this is not my intention of course, it’s become part and parcel in our digitally connected world, and something we must all learn to live with.

So let’s give ourselves a break from feeding the jealous monster within that sometimes wreaks damage on our happiness, and commit to living in the moment – especially the moments in between those ‘happy snaps’ posted on social media. Those are the real moments – the raw, honest and authentic experiences we all go through. Cheers to that 🙂


Photo credits – amin_ramzi & hvmansouls


3 thoughts on “Green with envy – the pitfalls of jealousy.

  1. It’s good to focus on your accomplishments as you did. 🙂 what some people don’t realize is social media can actually take away from your experiences if you let it. A coworker recently went to Cuba with a group of people and she told me one of them in particular focused so much on capturing everything on film, including insisting on going to a fancy restaurant they couldn’t really afford just to take pictures and show they were there and it lead to a lot of fighting behind the scenes. I’m sure everyone who saw the pictures may have felt envious, but experiencing those moments through a small screen seems to defeat the whole purpose of exploring and truly soaking it in. Not everyone does this of course but I’m sure many get caught up in just taking pictures for the hell of it. :-/

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  2. when people are too freaking happy to the point where it makes me sick, i just unfollow them.

    if reading about them makes me happy, thats another matter. if this is someone i care about a lot, and their happiness is my happiness, then its fine. if im jealous of them, its either because ive got some problem (and its not their fault, but eh) or because i dont really like them. in most cases (work and politics aside) its better to not waste your time with people you dont actually like. imo!

    i also dont like following fake people, online or in life. i also dont do facebook, that helps a ton! dont get me wrong, almost everyone i know is on facebook. im not judging them for using it, its just a really awful site!

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