Australia, you untamed beauty.


We call ourselves the lucky country, and for very good reason. If you’ve had the fortune of visiting us Down Under, the first thing you might notice is how much space we have. Completely surrounded by ocean, Australia is dotted with coastal cities and beaches, rain forests, cane fields, cliff faces, natural water holes and stories of the Dreamtime. Wide open landscapes fill the country between our major cities, while smaller but charming towns fill our hearts with joy and glimpses of a simple existence. I love the fresh air here, the smell of sea salt on the wind and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Lara Bingle aptly put it, ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ in this famous tourism advertisement, and she couldn’t have been more right:

I’m lucky enough to call Australia home and am currently living in North Queensland, the state based on the North/East Coast. I felt inspired to write this blog post after a beautiful morning connecting with nature at Cape Hillsborough National Park, about 40 minutes drive from the city of Mackay (my home). We arrived at the park just on dawn this morning where a small group of people were gathered on the beach, watching the majestic kangaroos dotted across the shoreline greeting a new day. This was truly an incredible sight. I’ve seen plenty of kangaroos in my life, but seeing them on this stunning beach at sunrise, hopping along with their babies without a care in the world was really quite breathtaking. As the sun slowly burst through a light cloud cover, my friend and I had a lovely little picnic completely at one with nature and more importantly – no WIFI signal! A truly spectacular morning that I won’t be forgetting.

I know the blogging community is stretched far and wide across the world, which is why I am encouraging those international readers to come visit us here in Australia. You won’t be disappointed 🙂


Photo credits – organictravel & theblondeabroad

7 thoughts on “Australia, you untamed beauty.

  1. not interested in visiting; interested in marrying an aussie. no, ive got one in particular im thinking of, in western australia.

    i never thought australia would appeal to me, to be honest. though i am falling in love with it a little bit. im pretty fluent in english-english, so to translate to aussie (without just ending every word in -ie or taking american commercials for beer seriously) i just look up the british word for something with australia and when its not the same, i find out what it is.

    color/honor/favorite = “colour/honour/favourite”
    organization = “organisation”
    french fries = “chips”
    potato chips = “chips” (not crisps!)
    crackers and cookies = “biscuits” (pretty sure, but corrections welcome)

    bin liner = what german-born aussies put their rubbish in 🙂

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    1. Very good haha, yes we definitely do not say crisps – chips for both hot fries and potato chips. We also shorten biscuits to bickies, ‘bathers’ to togs or bikinis, ‘sandals’ to things, ‘bathroom’ to toilet or dunny, lunch to tucker, afternoon to arvo, hello to G’day… and many more. Hope that helps !

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      1. arvo and bickies i knew, as well as brekkie, the problem is the ones i know are so proper they never use any of them when they write. i did get “lollies” though. to us those are suckers, but the meaning is broader in the uk and au.

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    2. Crackers are savoury (like crackers with cheese) while biscuits are sweet (dip them in your tea/coffee/milo)
      Aussies are tricky though, we have regional differences. Eastern states people have ‘togs’ in W.A. we call them bathers. In W.A. sandals are sandals while thongs are what a lot of the rest of the world call flip-fops. There there are things like scallops which are actually potato cakes, polony which could be strass or devon or luncheon meat (bologna to Americans)
      Good luck on your marry an Aussie quest, they are awesome 😀

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