When patting yourself on the back is well deserved.


As you might know I’ve written about facing fears and overcoming anxiety in previous posts… well, today I’ve done just that so excuse me for taking a minute to feel proud as punch. It was a fairly small feat – I completed my first shift at work solo, fresh out of training and naturally worried that something would go wrong. And it did, of course. BUT – I didn’t panic, I handled the situation calmly with poise and professionalism, and that makes me feel bloody fantastic (excuse my language).

In the wake of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, the drive to work was incredibly dangerous – fallen trees and power lines, broken traffic lights and pelting rain. A few months ago this would have been enough to rattle me so badly I wouldn’t get in a car for days, but I powered through and arrived at work safely. Then the roller door for the hotel garage wasn’t working due to water damage, so I had a line of guests trying to drive out at 6:30am with no way of opening this door. Again, I handled the situation calmly and didn’t work myself into a ball of stress – something that would have left me literally shaking a couple of months ago, at a time when simple tasks like writing an email seemed like a huge obstacle.

After an extremely busy day of phone calls, room cancellations, new bookings and constant enquiries, I’m pretty exhausted but I’m not riddled with anxiety, and for that – I’m happy. Happy with the self-progress I’ve made so far, for facing my fears and for taking each day at a time. Last night I watched a fantastic video by Zoella, a British blogger who bravely describes her experiences in coping with years of panic attacks :

Her description of the physical symptoms of anxiety is incredibly accurate and (I think), easy to understand for loved ones struggling to comprehend what people like myself have gone through. For someone who often struggles with shyness and speaking out loud, having resources like this which break the feelings down into understandable, relatable symptoms is great. I’ve also used my own blog as a tool for managing my feelings and expressing myself, when talking to people is sometimes difficult and hard to articulate.

Hoping you have had a good day and thanks for reading my stories. Here’s a picture of a cute bunny to put a smile on your dial 🙂


Photo credits – sistergoldenshop & babyanimalstagram

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