I used to call you on my telephone…


Remember the days when your phone would ring, and you’d run to it with anticipation, wondering who it might be and what stories they might tell? We used to spend hours going through the mundane details of our lives with intense scrutiny, our wrists getting stiff from standing there so long, but still we endured. Nowadays when my phone rings (or more accurately, when I’m notified of a missed call because my phone is always on silent for the precise reason of not wanting to hear it ring), I dread returning their call. What do they want? Will I have to explain why I always miss their call, pretending I’m super busy and important? Can’t you just message me?

It is with a sad and brutal honesty that I admit I’ve become one of those people who simply do not enjoy long phone calls. Get to the point already! Why do we have to waste our time chit chatting about everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours, when you could wrap it up neatly in a message that I can either choose to reply to straight away, or dwell on for a few hours before exchanging my equally un-exciting news? If we can’t organise a catch up in real time for lack of being in the same city, then of course I’m happy to chat now and then on the phone at a pre-organised time. Let’s face it though, whenever your phone rings it’s usually the WORST possible time to drop everything you’re doing and dedicate yourself solely to this person for half an hour. I’m all for keeping in touch with friends, but I’m not happy to admit that today’s technology has made me an incredibly lazy communicator. I don’t like how things have become, but they are what they are.

On a slight tangent, why can’t we bring back the lost art of letter writing? I’m clearly more inclined to write down my feelings, thoughts and happenings, and would thoroughly enjoy penning a long letter to my friends (and receiving one in exchange). The trouble is that everything is so instant these days. If a photo isn’t shared within 24 hours of happening, it’s yesterday’s news. If our friends aren’t in the loop of what’s happening this week, then they sure as hell aren’t going to care what I did two weeks ago, by the time my letter arrives. I guess I’m just frustrated at how we have lost the ability to genuinely communicate, with the advent of such technologies designed to keep us up to date in real time with loved ones all over the world.

Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.

Robert Frost. 


Photo credits – awhimsywonderland & tv_stilllife

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