Ride or die tryin’


Having recently gotten back into (leisurely) bike riding, I suppose I wouldn’t quite call myself a ‘biker’ – I don’t wear the customary black tights, spiked shoes or racing sunglasses. I do however wear a helmet, a water bottle sling and absolutely love the feeling of wind rushing by as I get around, so I suppose that counts for something.

After my first ride in a few years, I couldn’t walk for a week. Those muscles certainly hadn’t been used in a while! So, like a complete novice, I bought a padded gel seat and off I went like a refreshed explorer, ready to conquer unchartered territory. I say this in jest, but I truly do love going for an afternoon ride down unfamiliar paths, uncovering forgotten streets and peering into people’s lawns. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of your body moving forward on 2 wheels, completely out in the elements. As someone who hates confined exercise spaces like gyms, getting back into riding has been a real pleasure – much like beach walks and jogging in the water. Give me an open space and I’ll happily burn some calories, but shut me in and I’ll hastily pass.

So as I went for my ride today listening to one of my favourite Ben Howard songs (‘Keep Your Head Up’),

I saw a friend of mine the other day,
And he told me that my eyes were gleamin’.
Oh I said I had been away, and he knew,
Oh he knew the depths I was meanin’.
And it felt so good to see his face,
Or the comfort invested in my soul.
Oh to feel the warmth of a smile,
When he said “I’m happy to have you home.
Ooh I’m happy to have you home.”

I smiled with gratitude for everything I have, and for the comfort of a loving home. Sometimes I just need to go for a ride to remember it’s the simple things that matter 🙂


Photo credits – twobloves & igrefined

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