A slow goodbye to an endless summer.


It’s March now, which means it’s Autumn… apparently. The sweat stuck to my thighs as I sit here in an air-conditioned room could have fooled me, but alright I’ll trust the experts. Summer is officially over for another 9 months, so even when I’m sipping a pina colada by the pool next week I’m going to have to hashtag #Autumn… though it really doesn’t have the same ring to it. So what am I meant to be saying au revoir to? The sand, my bikinis and watermelon? We shall see my friends, we shall see.

Having grown up in the tropics of North Queensland, I’m definitely a summer girl. If I could get around in some togs, a singlet and thongs all day – happiness is mine. Although I lived in (mildly) cooler Brisbane for the last 10 years, I never quite got used to the winter chill creeping through my various share houses (and no, Melbourne/Sydney friends – I don’t need to be reminded of how WARM Brisbane is compared to your southern dwellings). It was cold enough for me to not see my feet for at least 4 months due to their being covered by Explorer socks and Uggies at all appropriate times. WHY do people choose to live anywhere further south than Queensland? Winter literally HURTS my bones!

Of course, I want to experience an authentic winter in somewhere beautiful like Canada, where I will (hopefully) be wearing an expensively warm and stylish jacket, sipping hot cocoa by a fireside with my rugged axe-bearing male companion (this is ‘Lumberjack Wants a Wife’ right?). Seriously though, I want to make snow angels and sit on a warmed toilet seat, eat hearty casseroles and have a white Christmas one day. I can’t wait! Until I can do it authentically though, I’d rather be sweltering in the tropics with minimal clothing and my tacky blow-up swan toy (#summerlovin).


Photo credit – shotzdelight & _lovingseeds

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