Let it burn, then release it to the wild.


If you’re holding onto some bitter feelings about someone, or perhaps an event in the past (or perceived future), something you have or had no control over – you aren’t alone. We all harbour these feelings from time to time… we’d hardly be human if we didn’t. But these bitter feelings cause nothing but resentment inside us, and grow into little balls of anger that flare up any time we experience something related to such people/events. It might be a smell, a song, a place, a movie… anything remotely connected to those feelings, and we are taken to that little angry place inside us. But at what cost to our sanity and growth?

I know I’ve got a few things to burn off, to reduce to nothing but some ashes on the ground. We all do. Sometimes the hardest thing is coming to terms with the fact that you cannot control people’s behaviour, reactions or feelings, and you cannot control most circumstances. You have to accept it, roll with it, and move on. I struggled for years with trying to figure out why people didn’t view the ‘same’ situation in the way that I did, how one person could react this way and another person could react this way. WHY couldn’t everyone think like me!? Well for one thing, it would be a pretty boring world if we all felt and reacted the same way. We’d be robots! Our backgrounds, personalities and genetic make-ups all blend together to create perfectly unique individuals, capable of making a variety of choices in every scenario. Realising that we are only in control of our own choices is something that took me quite a while to surrender to, and something that I’m still working on.

Harbouring bitter feelings towards someone or something that happened in the past serves us in absolutely no positive way at all, and in fact inhibits us from personal growth and self development. I’ve forgiven people in the past simply because I didn’t have the energy to hold onto my anger anymore, and the release of that burden is so rewarding. So I’ve made a pact with myself that this is the year I will release any negative feelings I’m holding within, burn off that nasty energy and move forward with a rosier outlook on life.


Photo credits – vzcomacro & halffullla

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