On not giving a damn.


How good is it when you finally reach that age where you just DON’T care about what other people think anymore? It’s like this huge weight off your shoulders, a time where you can go wherever you please, do whatever you want and not fret over what your friends and family might think. Staying in every Friday night to eat caramel from a tin and watch documentaries? Sure thing. Rocking up to work in joggers because it’s comfy? Hell yes. I’m personally loving this transition in my thinking patterns, and shaking my head at my former self.

Most of the time if you saw me out and about, I’d be there to avoid feeling guilty if I’d cancelled, or to keep a promise to a friend that I’d be their wing-woman. Nowadays if I don’t want to go out, I simply tell my friends straight up – and it’s TOTALLY fine. There’s no begging me to come or guilt tripping me. It’s fantastic! We’ve finally grown up and realised that everyone’s different, and maybe we’ll just go out for brunch tomorrow instead.

You know what else is great about growing up? Wearing bikinis to the pool with NO shorts to cover up your butt and thighs, and NOT giving a damn when you feel it all shaking. This is me and I’m a woman! Deal with it. On a similar level, navigating life in winter has become much easier now that I’ve accepted I will look like a pasty whale for a few months. We’re all in the same boat honey so pop your uggies on, make a hot chocolate and settle in for the night.

Not apologising for being yourself is a truly great place to be in life. Don’t get me wrong, I still need to work on a few areas before I can truly say I’m living life at my own pace. But I’m certainly on the right track, and there ain’t no better feeling than that!


Photo credits – rachael_adkins & folksouls



One thought on “On not giving a damn.

  1. i still care what people who matter think. and its not always great– i sometimes worry too much what my friends think.

    but i care a lot less what people that dont matter think, than i used to. i spend a lot less time caring– thats the most unbiased measure i can think of: i move on to more important things much more quickly than i used to (and yes, its great.)

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