Big City Lights… I tried to get by


I recently moved out of the City and back home for a couple of months, chasing the sleepier pace of my beach encased hometown. To say it’s been a breath of fresh air would be an understatement – you can literally smell the sea salt and hear the palm trees swaying from my balcony.

I had been living right in the thick of the city, with the sound of constant traffic, sirens and Church bells preventing me from ever being able to relax. At the time I thought it was fantastic – I could walk to work and to the shops, I never had to drive or spend money on petrol, and I had a multitude of food options at my doorstep. But at what cost to my sanity?

Now that I have taken a step back from the constant buzz of city living, I can appreciate just how peaceful the small things are. Simply being able to walk on the grass of my lawn, to feel it under my toes, to hear birds in the trees and get a good rest at night – these are the things that make me happy. Not to mention that despite being surrounded by thousands of people living in the city, one tends to feel pretty lonely looking across that vast network of lights.

Sitting here watching the sunset with a cool breeze on my neck, knowing that the beach is waiting for me just down the road… these simple things make me smile. I can understand why people might prefer a fast pace, and how you can get caught up in it. Of course – there are more activities available in the city, more restaurants and bars, and more work opportunities. But sometimes you need to identify whether you are truly living in harmony with the things that bring you joy. For me I knew that was being able to sit in peace on a Sunday morning, read the paper and have a good cup of tea. Whilst I know this might not be my forever, I know it’s what I need right now…. and right now is all we have.


Photo credits – urbanandstreet & bohemiandecor

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